Gaetane Carron

As others see her:

"Gaetane came here when she first started and we found her always ready to work hard everyday at every sort of job. She is a very very nice girl with an excellent palate and although she is now well deservedly famous, I say to her ”if I ever need a winemaker I will take you”."
Pierre Trimbach, Trimbach

"As an observer, mover and shaker in the wine world, Gaetane stood out straight as being someone both thoughtful and energetic. As a winemaking mother, she is a test case and as a taster, she has the great advantage of loving food as much as wine."
Jancis Robinson, Journalist

"Speaking of Gaetane is speaking of a passion for wine. She struck me as a bundle of energy with an insatiable need for knowledge of wines. Her passion has drawn here around the world foraging for wine riches among new producing regions. This is how she came to Chile and Vina Concha y Toro.
Her contribution was invaluable."
Eduardo Guilisasti, Vina Concha y Toro

"The quality and the character of a wine is often a mirror for the soul of the artist who interpreted it.
Gaetane’s wines always have a striking personality with a clear structure and defined architecture and are easy to identify; they are always stylish, never simple nor accidental, nor common.
This is the style of this winemaker; her wines show strength, determination and a direct line to the raw material of which they are made. They are perfectly outlined and never compromise their origin.
Armed with a solid technical background, enriched with experience gathered around the world, Gaetane is highly adaptable and when it comes to wine, she is fierce and very demanding. She can succeed as very few can, as long as she feels that the world which surrounds her is her friendly oyster, devoid of traps and lies."
Alfeo Martini, MGM Mondo del Vino

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